Curriculum Vitae

Personal Profile

I am a motivated, reliable individual who graduated with a first-class honours degree in computer science from Edinburgh Napier University in July, 2016. I have a strong technical ability and I am a confident presenter. During university, I successfully combined my studies with a job as a classroom assistant, requiring both technical knowledge and great communication skills. During summer breaks, I was always involved in projects and internships and also took time to improve upon and learn new relevant technologies.

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Technical Skills

  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • React/React Native
  • Node.js
  • C# .NET Entity Framework
  • Version Control Workflow (Git)
  • Unit Testing
  • Python
  • Databases (SQL and non-relational variants)
  • Bash

Relevant Experience

Notable Projects

International Group Project (China, 2015)

I was interviewed and selected to be part of an international exchange group consisting of 6 Napier students and 8 students from Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, China.

The group built an online classroom booking system called StudyWithMe with which students could compose or join ‘study groups’ and book classrooms in their university. My role was developing on both client and server, implementing functions such as notifications and a background management system for data analysis.

The application idea came from the students at Zhengzhou who have trouble finding rooms to study in with the massive amount of students at the university.

Frameworks & libraries used include Bootstrap, jQuery, Google Charts and PHP SLIM.


Bachelor’s Degree (Sept ‘12 - May ‘16)

BEng (Hons) Computing (First Class), Edinburgh Napier University

Received the university medal (for highest average mark) for my course upon graduation.

  • Year 1 average: 73.5%
  • Year 2 average: 77.2%
  • Year 3 average: 77.7%
  • Year 4 average: 72.5%
Modules contributing to degree classification:
  • Advanced Database Systems – 81%
  • Advanced Web Technologies – 86%
  • Fundamentals of Parallel Systems – 91%
  • Data Analytics – 77.5%
  • Software Architecture – 74.6%
  • Distributed Services and Applications – 82.5%
  • Information: Society and Security – 66.5%
  • Honours Dissertation: Design, Development, Testing and Evaluation of a Self-Paced JavaScript E-Learning Environment – 67%

Hobbies & Interests

I have a very keen interest in music. Most of my time outside work and university is spent listening to, learning about, or playing music with my friends. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 9 years of age and enjoying music my entire life.


Available upon request.